Fundraising at LLSC

Like most non-profit organizations, revenues from registration fees only cover about 50% of our annual expenditures.  Fundraising is essential to our club to carry on our operations. To generate revenue from other sources, our club requires the swimmers’ participation in the following activities:

2 Raffles:  Each swimmer will be required to purchase raffle tickets and in turn sell them and keep the money (you did already buy them) or simply put your name on them for the chance to win President's Choice Gift Cards! The first set of raffle tickets will be available shortly after registration and the second set of raffle tickets will be in the spring with the draw taking place at the End of Season BBQ.

Red Fish Blue Fish to participate in 1st Raffle only 1 ticket book/swimmer.

Gold, Silver & Bronze are required to participate in 2 Raffles 2 ticket books/swimmer.


Swimathon:  Our annual Swimathon is a provincial fundraiser for all swim clubs, taking place each spring.  This is an important event for our club!   Swimmers collect pledges for the amount of laps that they swim during the 1½ - 2 hour time period. Our club gets to keep 90% of funds raised! More information is provided in late Fall early Winter.  This is mandatory and we will also need parent vounteers on the day your swimmer swims to help count laps. Each swimmer is required to raise $100.00. If you have 2 or more swimmers in Bronze, Silver or Gold you will be required to raise $150.00/ family. RedFishBlueFish will be required to raise $25/swimmer


Tag Days:  September and again in April/May (depending on the weather).  Swimmers will be supervised at a local store location while asking for donations.  Your commitment of 1 hour is mandatory for each tag day.  We encourage parents to help with supervision.

Please note: Families that opt out of Swimathon and Tag Day/fundraising will pay a penalty